Navigation in universal windows app

In this post, we will learn about using navigation in Universal Windows Applications. As for a developer, they require  navigation between pages in their application. So, we will create an Universal Windows App in Visual studio and add another page in the solution explorer following steps below: Go to Solution Explorer –> Right click on … Read more

Using Bing Maps in Universal Windows App

Now a days, integration of maps within an application is common and developers wants to integrate their application to use maps. So, in this post, we will create an Universal Windows Application to use Bing Maps Api and utilize Maps functionality within the application. For creating this application, first, we will create an Universal Windows … Read more

Recording and Saving an Audio file in Windows 10 Application

In this post, I will start with recording audio files and saving them in the storage. So, for recording audio files, we need to add the support for Microphone in the application. Go to package.appxmanifest file -> Capabilities -> Check on Microphone and Music Library. After adding the capabilities to use Microphone and Music Library … Read more

Capturing and saving a Video in Windows 10 Application

In this blog post, we would work with capturing video in Windows 10 Application. Video capturing is one of the common tool used now-a-days in application development. So, we begin with the application: In Visual Studio 2015, Start a new project and select Blank app in Universal App category. Before starting any coding, we have … Read more

Capturing and Saving Image in Windows 10 App

Generally during application development, developers need to use image capturing feature within their applications just because of the need of an application or as an added feature. As it comes, for the platform like Windows 10 there are few changes in the code syntax which need to be addressed. So this following blog post is about using the new syntax … Read more

File Picker in Windows 10 Universal App

In this post I will start with adding File Picker functionality in Windows 10 universal applications built in C#. Here we are using few libraries to perform the task, before proceeding in the program further, we should add the following namespaces to the .CS file of the Main Window: [code lang=”xml”] using Windows.Storage; using Windows.Storage.Pickers; … Read more