Efficient unit test

Unit test is the first point of verification where we test the functionality of the code developed daily. It is pertinent for the success of the solution to be tested properly at the basic functional level before it is tested for logical correctness. What is a Unit test? And why are they important? Let’s assume, … Read more

Typescript: The story of Inheritance

Inheritance is the concept of adding new implementation to the same structure. Basically, when the object/class is based on another object/class in the uses either same implementation/modified implementation of the same structure. There are two major classes of Inheritance: Base Class serves as the Base/Parent to the all the classes which are inheriting its properties and behavior.  Derived Class inherits … Read more

Experiment the Ape Way: Plex Server on Raspberry Pi

In my latest post on Pi, I have covered about the setting up of Raspberry Pi with the basic settings for us to get it start with. I am a Movies and TV series lover! Any new episode, any new movie which I don’t have I either download them or stream them. But it is … Read more

Navigation in universal windows app

In this post, we will learn about using navigation in Universal Windows Applications. As for a developer, they require  navigation between pages in their application. So, we will create an Universal Windows App in Visual studio and add another page in the solution explorer following steps below: Go to Solution Explorer –> Right click on … Read more

Using Bing Maps in Universal Windows App

Now a days, integration of maps within an application is common and developers wants to integrate their application to use maps. So, in this post, we will create an Universal Windows Application to use Bing Maps Api and utilize Maps functionality within the application. For creating this application, first, we will create an Universal Windows … Read more

Creating a Microsoft Azure Mobile Service in Visual Studio 2015

In this post, we will create a basic Microsoft Azure Mobile Service using Visual Studio 2015 IDE. By using Visual Studio IDE, we can easily create an Azure Mobile service on localhost. For creating a Mobile Service using VS IDE, we would create a new project in Visual Studio as follows: Go to File -> … Read more

Recording and Saving an Audio file in Windows 10 Application

In this post, I will start with recording audio files and saving them in the storage. So, for recording audio files, we need to add the support for Microphone in the application. Go to package.appxmanifest file -> Capabilities -> Check on Microphone and Music Library. After adding the capabilities to use Microphone and Music Library … Read more

Capturing and saving a Video in Windows 10 Application

In this blog post, we would work with capturing video in Windows 10 Application. Video capturing is one of the common tool used now-a-days in application development. So, we begin with the application: In Visual Studio 2015, Start a new project and select Blank app in Universal App category. Before starting any coding, we have … Read more