Experiment the Ape Way: Plex Server on Raspberry Pi

In my latest post on Pi, I have covered about the setting up of Raspberry Pi with the basic settings for us to get it start with. I am a Movies and TV series lover! Any new episode, any new movie which I don’t have I either download them or stream them. But it is sometimes hard to manage such huge database of videos and find the video from the hard disk. For ease of management, I have googled a bit and found out this cool tool called as Plex Media Server by which I am able to manage my audio and video files without worrying about where my files might be. Well! In my series of experiments, I have tried implementing my own home server for Videos and Audio streaming over a local network by setting up Plex Server on Raspberry Pi.

Now, let’s get started with it already!

Before setting up Plex server on Raspberry Pi, we need to take care of a few things first. Don’t forget to do an update and upgrade before doing anything.

As soon we are done with the necessary part of upgrading the Pi with any new changes, we will now move onto basics which need to be taken care of.

  1. First of all, check for the locales using this command:

    1. You will usually get following output:
    2. But if you don’t get “en_US.utf8” then, add it in the file using following commands

      1. Add following line in the file to add support for US locale:
      2. Just do: Ctrl+X –> Y –> Enter to save
      3. Now, we will generate locales and reconfigure the package for safer side:

  2. Now checking for upgraded version of libc6 the Raspbian:

    If you ar using the latest image of Raspbian then version would be 2.19 or latest else, you have to upgrade it from the repo. Let’s skip the update part for now. If you face any issue just comment out and I will be happy to help on this matter.
  3. Comes my favorite part of installing Plex server on Raspberry Pi. As now my Pi is ready for the plex, I will be doing an update and enable https transport:
  4. Grab Uglymaoo’s gpg key for his repository and add the repository for libc6 version 2.19 using following command set:
  5. Now be good programmer and update the system again before moving forward:
  6. Everything’s done, now we install Plex server on Raspberry Pi with the following command:

    1. If you specifically want to install for Jessie repository then you can use the following command too:
  7. Now we will update and upgrade system for any new package for Plex server for the image we are using:
  8. Voila! Plex is installed on the system. Just restart the Raspberry Pi and mount your hard disk stacked up with the Movies and TV series, and enjoy managed library of Audio and Video files!

To access Plex server on your network system, you need to connect the system via LAN. And put up the following address in your Chrome or whatsoever browser you are using:


Here, IP address for the respective Pi would be there. In my case, the address looks like:


And the Plex window pops out like this:



Voila, now you have your own local media server running on a Raspberry Pi device. Stream like a Pro from anywhere in your apartment or house just with a local network connecting you to your Pi!

May the force be with you! 

Comment below in case of any queries, I would be happy to help out! 🙂